Drawing Part 5, Hands+Done

Go through page 9a and 10a today. For the hands, it is basically a box shape modified with cylinders for fingers. Feet are basically 2 shapes together. Finally, you have a complete Mr. Basic, that you can make move.




Your assignment which is due along with their 4 parts is Wed Oct 5 is to draw:

  1. Title your assignment, Moving Mr. Basic
  2. Practice drawing a few hands and arms (minimum of 3).
  3. Practice drawing at least 5 different poses for your version of Mr. Basic. From different angles, and different poses.

Please make sure you have all prior 4 drawing parts together because your first major assignment is due on Wed Oct 5.


Drawing Part 4, Arms-Legs-Head

Go through page 7a and 8a today. We are adding arms and legs to our flour sack, and then we are looking at the construction of the head and the face. We call this character Mr. Basic. You can add hands and feet, but don’t worry too much about their detail for now as we will look at them for 9a and 10a.




Your assignment which is due beginning of class Tue Oct 4 is to draw:

  1. Title your assignment, Body Parts
  2. Practice drawing Mr. Basic with a variety of different arms and leg positions (minimum of 3).
  3. Practice drawing 7 different head styles, from different angles, and different face poses.

Please make sure you have all prior 3 drawing parts together because when we get to Karmatoons 10a, you will hand in all the parts together for your first major assignment.

Drawing Part 3 – Flour Sack

Remember that on Friday, you will hand in your sketch books for your first sketchbook check of the year.

Please make sure you have handed in your Part 2 bouncing ball animations for your work completion mark. And keep both Part 1 and Part 2 together, because when we get to Karmatoons 10a, you will hand in all the parts together for your first major assignment.

Go through page 5a and 6a today. It is the famous flour sack (a sphere and a cylinder together), and flour sack with numbs. The flour sack is the basis of drawing a body, then we add legs, arms, and the head to the flour sack to get our complete character.



Your assignment which is due end of class Fri Sep 23 is to draw:

  1. Title your assignment, Flour Sack
  2. Practice drawing 10 different flour sacks in different poses (standing, jumping, running, stretched, squatting, etc..)


Drawing Part 2, Bouncing a ball

Everybody who learns the basics of animation learns about how to animate a bouncing ball. So that is what we will learn today.

You want to make your arcs first to show the path of the ball, then you want to draw you ball as it goes through the path. All the while you want to be aware that the ball changes shape as it hits the ground, then accelerates upward. You can follow along on the tips of the bouncing ball sequence in these 2 links:



Your assignment which is due beginning of class Wed Sep 21 is to draw 3 sequences of a bouncing object:

  1. Title your assignment, Bouncing Ball
  2. Basic bouncing ball
  3. Bouncing ball in perspective (getting bigger as it goes toward you)
  4. Bouncing object (something other than a ball)



Drawing Part 1, 3D shapes

As always, start of class for the first 5 min, please draw in your sketch books, drawing whatever you feel like. Please make sure you date each page/sketch.

Today we will start looking at the fundamentals of character development which is the construction of 3D shapes, all sorts of shapes. The basis of this lesson is in the following web pages:



Step 1: Please make a heading called 3D shapes

Step 2: Practice drawing at least 10 different basic 3D shapes on a piece of paper. Choose any shapes you wish and any sizes.

Step 3: Take any one of the shapes that you drew, and practice drawing at least 5 squished, stretched, or otherwise distorted version of the same shape.

Assignment is due by next class, Wed Sep 14.

First Classroom Assignment

This is the post excerpt.

As mentioned in class, whenever I mark assignments, I will send you an email with your mark and feedback. Therefore, I need your email address.

For your first classroom assignment, please complete the following:

1. Write an email using your preferred email software (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc..)

2. Address it to bchu@sd42.ca (my email address)

3. Write a paragraph that outlines the following:

– why you chose this class as your elective

– what is your interest in digital art and animation, are there specific areas that interest you in particular (a particular software like Blender, or something like stop motion animation)

– do you have any art background (taken art courses), if so, elaborate on what parts of art that you enjoyed the most.

– Do you prefer Adobe or open source software (ie. Gimp or Blender)


I will reply to your first assignment with a mark and some comments.