Drawing Part 3 – Flour Sack

Remember that on Friday, you will hand in your sketch books for your first sketchbook check of the year.

Please make sure you have handed in your Part 2 bouncing ball animations for your work completion mark. And keep both Part 1 and Part 2 together, because when we get to Karmatoons 10a, you will hand in all the parts together for your first major assignment.

Go through page 5a and 6a today. It is the famous flour sack (a sphere and a cylinder together), and flour sack with numbs. The flour sack is the basis of drawing a body, then we add legs, arms, and the head to the flour sack to get our complete character.



Your assignment which is due end of class Fri Sep 23 is to draw:

  1. Title your assignment, Flour Sack
  2. Practice drawing 10 different flour sacks in different poses (standing, jumping, running, stretched, squatting, etc..)



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