Drawing Part 4, Arms-Legs-Head

Go through page 7a and 8a today. We are adding arms and legs to our flour sack, and then we are looking at the construction of the head and the face. We call this character Mr. Basic. You can add hands and feet, but don’t worry too much about their detail for now as we will look at them for 9a and 10a.




Your assignment which is due beginning of class Tue Oct 4 is to draw:

  1. Title your assignment, Body Parts
  2. Practice drawing Mr. Basic with a variety of different arms and leg positions (minimum of 3).
  3. Practice drawing 7 different head styles, from different angles, and different face poses.

Please make sure you have all prior 3 drawing parts together because when we get to Karmatoons 10a, you will hand in all the parts together for your first major assignment.


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