Stop Motion Animation Assignment

Now that we have the basic tutorials on iMovie completed, it is now time to start on your stop motion animation assignment.

You will create 2 stop frame animations, a minimum of 15 seconds each. Each stop motion animation will utilize a different medium. For example, one with lego, and one with playdoh/clay. You may work in partners for this assignment.


  • You must complete a storyboard for each animation that you create. This should be a rough approximation of what you plan to create. Pay particularly close attention to your staging and model placement. Show me your storyboard before beginning.
  • Please use either 6 or 8 frames per second for your stop motion. That means in iMovie, each picture should be 0.1 secs (for 6 fps) or 0.08 secs (for 8 fps).
  • Please include at least 2 sound effects per animation, and 1 short music clip per animation.
  • Please include a title sequence somewhere. Maybe of you holding up a paper sign with the title, etc…
  • Please include at least one intricate background.

For more tips on creating your most excellent stop motion animations, please take a look at this website, and look at the sample videos:


Stop Motion, Adding Audio Tutorial

Today we will look at adding some audio to our sample stop motion animation.

You will need this link for downloading MP3s off of youtube:

When done the tutorial, please go ahead and upload it to the server.

Stop Motion, iMovie tutorial

Today, we will go through the basics of using iMovie. Please download the following images:











There will also be a new way to hand in your work. Follow the steps below to submit your finished .mov file:

  1. Open finder
  2. click on “GO” menu
  3. click on “connect to server”
  4. type in “smb://”
  5. click on the “+” to save it in the list
  6. double click on it to open it up
  7. Choose Animation Block A
  8. Copy your folder into the window
  9. Your Done!

12 principles of animation pt1

Today we will be venturing into the 12 principles of animation. To start we will be watching 4 short video clips on principles 1-4 together. Then you will sketch examples of each of the 4 principles in the note sheets given.

One the note sheets given, read each section which outlines the principle, then your task is to go back to the videos, or from your own imagination, come up with and draw out an example of that animation principle in action.

We will be doing 3 more of these exercises, then you will hand in your 3 note sheets with examples of each of the 12 principles. Mostly likely due mid-Nov.