Stop Motion Animation Assignment

Now that we have the basic tutorials on iMovie completed, it is now time to start on your stop motion animation assignment.

You will create 2 stop frame animations, a minimum of 15 seconds each. Each stop motion animation will utilize a different medium. For example, one with lego, and one with playdoh/clay. You may work in partners for this assignment.


  • You must complete a storyboard for each animation that you create. This should be a rough approximation of what you plan to create. Pay particularly close attention to your staging and model placement. Show me your storyboard before beginning.
  • Please use either 6 or 8 frames per second for your stop motion. That means in iMovie, each picture should be 0.1 secs (for 6 fps) or 0.08 secs (for 8 fps).
  • Please include at least 2 sound effects per animation, and 1 short music clip per animation.
  • Please include a title sequence somewhere. Maybe of you holding up a paper sign with the title, etc…
  • Please include at least one intricate background.

For more tips on creating your most excellent stop motion animations, please take a look at this website, and look at the sample videos:


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