Mini Roto-scope assignment

Your assignment is to rotoscope any 3-5 sec segment of the Telus Hippo advertisement. You can pick any part that you would like to rotoscope, eg, the part with the Hippo and the Rabbit together.


  1. You do not have to do frame-by-frame with 24fps. But you should have around 8-12 fps.
  2. You should have at least 3 secs, but no longer than 6 secs.
  3. You need to include some audio to  your flash, it will only be 3-5 secs long.

Submit to the server as usual. The assignment will be due Wed Mar 8. Remember that your sketchbooks will be due on Wed Mar 8 as well.

After Spring Break, you will create a rotoscope of a video that you have picked yourself.


Tutorial, Audio Editing

OK, today we will go over a quick tutorial on how to download clips like the Telus hippo one:

off of youtube using:

Then we will go over how to use garageband to do some quick clipping of the MP3 clips.

Tutorial, rotoscoping

Today we will go over how to do a basic rotoscope. It is very easy. On Monday, we will go over some basics of sound editing in Garageband.

Please download the following flash movie file that we will be using in our rotoscope:

This is the start of what the rotoscope will look like:

Rotoscope Examples, review of how to hand in work

I will quickly go over again how to hand in work onto the server as it has been some time for some of you to hand in work this way and you may have forgotten.

On Wednesday’s class we will start a series of 2 tutorials on how to do rotoscoping. In the meantime, here are 2 samples of rotoscoping so that you can see what it is:

An excellent sample of student work:

A professional rotoscoped music video from Kanye West:

Class Field Trip, Fri Mar 3

Our Block A class, animation and digital media and yearbook will be going on a class field trip downtown on Friday March 3, all day. The MPPIA (motion picture production industry association of BC) will host the day long event, feature speakers and tours. There will be at least 4 productions going on at that time.

The field trip cost is $5 to cover the bus, you will need to have teacher permission from your Block B, C, and D teachers to attend. I will have permission forms, and you can also see Ms. Griffin for the forms as well.


Join us on Friday March 3rd in the iconic Canada Post building, now a working studio facility in the heart of downtown Vancouver, for the 10th anniversary edition of the
MPPIA Career Expo – BC Creates Careers… 
The Expo presents a rare point of access to the people, organizations and companies that make the Motion Picture and Digital Media Industries tick. A refreshed take on the annual favourite, this forum provides students with the opportunity to connect with established professionals, leading companies and industry educators. Explore career pathways through People & Skills, Infrastructure, Visual Effects, Animation & Post Production – the many strengths that make British Columbia a world renowned, innovative, premier centre for screen production.
 NEW THIS YEAR  – ‘Industry Insiders’ a series of discussion sessions where those ‘in the know’ share their stories and career paths.
 This 10th Anniversary special is not to be missed!
When:  Friday March 3rd 2017, 10 am to 4 pm
Where:  425 Georgia Street, Vancouver (Homer Street Entrance)
 Our venue has been home to many productions since it was repurposed as a studio facility less than  2 years ago, for example: 
 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (TV Series – Warner Brothers
  • Arrow (TV Series – Warner Brothers)
  • The Flash (TV Series – Warner Brothers)
  • Supernatural (TV Series – Warner Brothers)
  • Van Helsing (TV Series – Syfy)
  • Travelers (TV Series – Netflix Original) 
  • Supergirl (TV Series – Warner Brothers)
  • Romeo Section (TV Series – CBC)
  • Ice (TV Series – Direct TV)
  • Okja (Feature – Netflix Original)
  • My So Called Wife (TV Series – NBC/Universal)
  • The Magicians (TV Series – NBC/Universal)
  • Altered Carbon (TV Series – Netflix Original)
 At the time of the Career Expo at least 4 productions will be underway and we’ll be working with the productions teams to gain access to tours contingent upon set status (which fluctuates daily) Tours will be scheduled by random selection in advance of the event and will be available to secondary school students only.