Walk Cycle tutorial step-by-step

We will go over the 4 main poses of a walk cycle:

  • The contact
  • the low
  • the passing
  • the high

Please go through the tutorial online:


Your assignment is to hand draw an 8 pose walk cycle like the one below, using your own character:

For more details on how to draw walk cycles, please go through the following tutorial:


Your hand drawn walk cycle is due Fri May 5. Your sketchbooks will also be due for a mark check at that time as well. Feel free to draw your walk cycle directly into your sketchbook.


What is a Walk Cycle

One of the big ideas in animation is the idea of a walk cycle. The walk cycle is a breakdown of the different poses that make up the basic movement of a person walking. Here are some flash based examples of a walk cycle:

Now lets watch a short tutorial by Alan Becker on what makes up the walk cycle and how to create one: