Final Assignment, Walk cycle scene

Your assignment is to create a 5-10 second animation. If you would like, you can reuse components from other assignments for this assignment (import them as symbols).

The requirements below are very similar to the flash animation scene you did back in Feb, except you are required to incorporate the walk cycle and moving background.


  • plan out a storyboard for your animation scene. Since it is short, come up with a simple but engaging scene you want to show.
  • Your walk cycle must be an animation within an animation (ie. make your walk cycle a symbol and have it loop continuously)
  • Use symbols for your moving background, you need to have have at least 3 elements that move.
  • Minimum of 5 seconds long using 12 frames per second.
  • There needs to be background music, feel free to use Garageband to create the music.
  • There needs to be at least 3 sound effects.
  • There needs to be an intro title screen (showing for 2 secs) that does not count towards the overall length of your animation.

Please submit your working .FLA file and the .SWF file, and submit it to the server by Wed Jun 14.


Flash, How to animate the background

Today we will do a tutorial on how to animate the background of a flash scene. This will be the process that you will do when you create a background and animate it to go along with your walk cycle.

Step1: Download the file movingback.fla from the server.

Step2: We will create symbols for background elements that we need to animate (road, lines, trees, hills)

Step3: We will create a classic tween for each background element that we need to animate


When done the tutorial, you will submit your final tutorial file to the server as usual.

If you missed today’s tutorial, you can follow a similar one here on youtube:

I will give you the requirements to your final assignment on Friday. It will combine your walk cycle and an animated background to go along with sound, an intro, and credits, to be your final animation assignment.

Walk Cycle in Flash

Overall, very well done on your hand drawn walk cycles. A couple of comments on your hand drawn walk cycles.

  • make sure you do all 8 poses, 4 poses for walking on the one side, and 4 poses for walking with the other side (left and right leg)
  • make sure that in your passing phases, the feet are switched properly, left leg over right, and then right leg over left.
  • make sure that your low and high poses are actually low and high by adjusting the leg bend appropriately.
  • on contact, both feet must be touching the ground.

Your assignment now is to take your hand drawn walk cycle and translate it onto the computer using Flash. You can either:

  • take a picture of your hand drawn walk cycle, email it to yourself, save the picture on your computer, then rotoscope your hand drawn walk cycle in flash.
  • or create the 8 pose walk cycle entirely in flash using your hand drawn just as a visual reference.

Requirements for your walk cycle:

  • 5 sec minimum walk cycle
  • animate at 24 frames per second
  • your character is staying in the same position, so he is walking in 1 place (use onion skinning to see previous poses)

The assignment is due on Wed May 17. Submit it to the server as usual when done.

Walk Cycle tutorial step-by-step

We will go over the 4 main poses of a walk cycle:

  • The contact
  • the low
  • the passing
  • the high

Please go through the tutorial online:

Your assignment is to hand draw an 8 pose walk cycle like the one below, using your own character:

For more details on how to draw walk cycles, please go through the following tutorial:

Your hand drawn walk cycle is due Fri May 5. Your sketchbooks will also be due for a mark check at that time as well. Feel free to draw your walk cycle directly into your sketchbook.

Main Flash Rotoscope Assignment

Your assignment is to rotoscope any 10-15 sec segment of a video of your choosing (please only appropriate videos please). You will need to convert the video from .MP4 to .FLV as we went over last class.

Feel free to blend elements of your animation with your own drawn objects, characters, and backgrounds with elements that you rotoscope. You can choose to keep the video in the background as well, or remove it altogether when you are done, depending on the kind of project that you want to create. You can use music and sound effects from other sources as well to blend them into your project.

For inspiration, you can start with the rotoscope examples we looked at:

And you can also go online to youtube to search for other good rotoscope examples.


  1. You do not have to do frame-by-frame with 24fps. But you should have around 8-12 fps.
  2. You should have at least 10 secs.
  3. You need to include some audio to your flash that is different than the original video that you are using.

Submit to the server as usual. The assignment will be due Mon Apr 24. That is a full 3 weeks to work on this project.

How to Download and Save clips in FLV

On Wednesday, I will assign the main rotoscope assignment. But before I do, I have to go over a short tutorial with you on how to download and save clips in FLV. Most clips you download from youtube will be in .MP4 format using clipconverter. However, in flash, you can only import .FLV formatted videos. So we will go over how to download, then convert from Youtube, to .MP4 using clipconverter, then .FLV using Adobe’s media converter software.

Step 1: Use this flamingo commercial from Telus,

Step 2: Copy and paste the URL into clipconverter or keepvid:

Step 3: Once you have downloaded the .MP4, convert it to .FLV using Adobe Media Converter.

Step 4: Import the .FLV into your flash.


Next class, I will assign the main rotoscope assignment.