Walk Cycle tutorial step-by-step

We will go over the 4 main poses of a walk cycle:

  • The contact
  • the low
  • the passing
  • the high

Please go through the tutorial online:


Your assignment is to hand draw an 8 pose walk cycle like the one below, using your own character:

For more details on how to draw walk cycles, please go through the following tutorial:


Your hand drawn walk cycle is due Fri May 5. Your sketchbooks will also be due for a mark check at that time as well. Feel free to draw your walk cycle directly into your sketchbook.


What is a Walk Cycle

One of the big ideas in animation is the idea of a walk cycle. The walk cycle is a breakdown of the different poses that make up the basic movement of a person walking. Here are some flash based examples of a walk cycle:

Now lets watch a short tutorial by Alan Becker on what makes up the walk cycle and how to create one:

Flip Book Animation Assignment

The magic begins with your next assignment, to create a flip book animation. Watch this video then go to the website to get some inspiration:



Here are the main requirements:

  • MINIMUM 50 frame (approx. 7-8 seconds)
  • Must be hand drawn

Step 1: Plan your basic animation with a storyboard (please get one from me). This should be a rough approximation of what you plan to create. Pay particularly close attention to your staging and keyframes.

Step 2: Show your storyboard to me then begin putting together your flip books and cards. You can go and buy cardstock or used filing envelopes and cut them into 5×7 pieces. Or you can also use regular paper and staple together.

Step 3: Create your animation with the following points criteria in mind: a) work from back to front…that is, the lowest card in your stack is the first

b) continually check for accuracy (ie, flow, timing) adding or removing cards if needed.

c) do not bother to fine tune your drawings (ie, clean-up drawing errors, add in extra elements) until you have completed the card set from 1st Keyframe to last.

d) you should NOT add in complex backgrounds for this assignment, but you may add elements that accentuate the animation.

e) coloured pencils are allowed…also, you MAY finish things off with a “fine liner”.

Drawing Part 5, Hands+Done

Go through page 9a and 10a today. For the hands, it is basically a box shape modified with cylinders for fingers. Feet are basically 2 shapes together. Finally, you have a complete Mr. Basic, that you can make move.




Your assignment which is due along with their 4 parts is Wed Oct 5 is to draw:

  1. Title your assignment, Moving Mr. Basic
  2. Practice drawing a few hands and arms (minimum of 3).
  3. Practice drawing at least 5 different poses for your version of Mr. Basic. From different angles, and different poses.

Please make sure you have all prior 4 drawing parts together because your first major assignment is due on Wed Oct 5.