Term 3 Marks

Not including the final assessment,



Year-end Assessment Activity

Remember to hand in your sketchbooks, I will mark them and hand them back before the end of the double block.

Using iMovie, you will be putting together a slideshow featuring your best 3 projects from this past school year.

Step 1: Look through all the work that you have done this year. Find out if you need to take pictures of your hand-drawn work with your phone, or take screenshots of assignments, or final rendered animation.

To take a screenshot on the iMacs, use Shift-Command-4, follow the instructions here:


  • hand-drawn flipbooks, take camera pictures
  • iMovie stop motion animation, make sure they are cropped to about 3-5 secs
  • Flash, you can either take screenshots, or convert your .SWF to a .MP4 using https://www.flash-banner-converter.com/converter/┬áto import into iMovie.

Step 2: Create a new project in iMovie and add all of your selected items to the timeline. Add a title page with your name, and transition title pages that accurately describe each project in a few words between each project item. Your final movie should be a minimum of 30 seconds.

Step 3: Add background music to your project

When done, render your final video and hand it to the server as usual.

This assignment will be worth 20% of your term 3 mark.